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DAE HWA established in 1984, was a robust mid-sized company. Ever since, we have continued to attain strong growth and have sprang to a global biotech company with continuous trade surplus in the global market.

As listed on KOSDAQ, DAE HWA Pharm currently produces about 150 pharmaceutical products, and approved products are total 340 products from MFDS(Ministry of Food and Drug Safety).

DAE HWA as the specialized pharmaceutical company has the source technology of manufacturing finished product from active pharmaceutical ingredients.

DAE HWA controls almost 70% of the domestic TDDS market share, and since the registration on KOSDAQ in year of 2003, DAE HWA has been steadily growing more than 15% for each year.

DAE HWA has been providing signpost in the every step of development of domestic pharmaceutical technology. And to prepare the age of limitless competition, DAE HWA changed CI in the year of 2011 and accomplished advancement of investment strategy in R&D of new pharmaceutical products by building a global system at the level of advanced countries.

And here, the GMP factory of DAE HWA in Hoengseong of Gangwon-Do is one of their results of effort.

This factory was designed according to cGMP regulation is the key precondition to make headway into the advanced market such as US and Europe.

For quality intensification and maximizing of productive capacity, DAE HWA completely equipped manufacturing structure and facilities for producing pharmaceutical products guaranteed safety and effectiveness with stability.

By building of advanced system which is not allowing any minor errors, DAE HWA has been manufacturing zero-defect · zero-misuse · aseptic products, also the yield quantities are more than doubled.

CI Introduction

The new CI of DAEHWA can be expressed as triple infinity which means philosophy of respecting life for the future, eco-friendly company and leading advanced pharmaceutical technology. Triple infinity reflects DAEHWA’s spirit, challenging for human’s health and happiness and we will lead the changes on Human, Environment and Technology.

It also dynamically shows infinite possibility about business continuity and life extension technology which are DAEHWA's vision. The symbol contains implied meaning, Respecting Life(Orange), Environment(Green) and Pharmaceutical Technology(Blue). These three main symbols symbolizes advanced pharmaceutical technology to make people live healthier and happier lives.

Corporate Profile

Foundation date January 1, 1984
CEO Eun-Seok, Kim
Subsidiaries DH horim, Specialized Med, Redox bio corp.